Friday, July 31, 2009

Age 34

My forever supportive, loving and bff my ate was married at the age of 34, I was really sad when i was not able to attend her wedding in Minnesota. She is my only one sister and I was wishing to be a witness and be with in her her most memorable moment in her life.
When she was engaged in Philippines, I am already here in Thailand searching and flowing God's direction in my life.
I was really down and depressed when I wasn't able to fly back to Philippines on her engagement party. Actually, they waited for me to arrived but God's will always prevail. When I was in the airport to get my flight ticket, Hatyai University called me to have an interview for the job I applied. I was confused and sat at the corner and pray. Then I called my family and my bff what is her opinion, she gave me an excellent advice, so I hurriedly rushed got taxi and travel back here Hatyai. I was in Bangkok. I missed her engagement and her wedding!!! Oh what a life!!! I wanted to be her maid of honor!!!
I remembered when we were in grade school I guess she was 8 and I was 6 years old, we "promised" hahaha to have a double wedding!! I don't know why it was just suddenly came out to our emagination while playing called" Bahay-bahayan"
Finally, the prayers of my family and friends work much, I got the job and until now I was still here.
Anyway, everytime everytime fell down and hopeless my ate Dines comforts me , she always mention that I have to be strong, wise and wait for God's will for me and see what God has done for her life. I am so happy that she is blessed by God abundantly, a very good testimony to all young ladies out there who also have struggle in searching and waiting for their partner!

Hope you can follow my story!!!! more on next!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Age out of the Calendar!!

Women of these days when they reach at the age of 30 they start getting nervous and tense. They start questioning " Am I ugly? Am I not attractive? why I am not married yet?I am referring to singles. Still don't have boyfriend? well, that's the question that I have in my mind when I reach 30 years old and I don't have boyfriend yet. Well, thank God that I have a very loving and sweet sister that encourages me all the time. She keep on reminding me that getting married is not a joke, it's not easy and it's none of my concern but it's God's concern. So every time she encourage me I feel relieved. Many of my friends also that already married that they say it will just suddenly come your way and you will get shock! Just wait the right time. God's time. My best friend, I call her Mommy also encourages me to pray that God will give me a lifetime partner the one I desire and of course the one love. She told me that many of her friends getting married without love and ended up with divorce, separate and annulment. I also commented that we really don't know God's plan , so just commit all to Him.