Friday, July 31, 2009

Age 34

My forever supportive, loving and bff my ate was married at the age of 34, I was really sad when i was not able to attend her wedding in Minnesota. She is my only one sister and I was wishing to be a witness and be with in her her most memorable moment in her life.
When she was engaged in Philippines, I am already here in Thailand searching and flowing God's direction in my life.
I was really down and depressed when I wasn't able to fly back to Philippines on her engagement party. Actually, they waited for me to arrived but God's will always prevail. When I was in the airport to get my flight ticket, Hatyai University called me to have an interview for the job I applied. I was confused and sat at the corner and pray. Then I called my family and my bff what is her opinion, she gave me an excellent advice, so I hurriedly rushed got taxi and travel back here Hatyai. I was in Bangkok. I missed her engagement and her wedding!!! Oh what a life!!! I wanted to be her maid of honor!!!
I remembered when we were in grade school I guess she was 8 and I was 6 years old, we "promised" hahaha to have a double wedding!! I don't know why it was just suddenly came out to our emagination while playing called" Bahay-bahayan"
Finally, the prayers of my family and friends work much, I got the job and until now I was still here.
Anyway, everytime everytime fell down and hopeless my ate Dines comforts me , she always mention that I have to be strong, wise and wait for God's will for me and see what God has done for her life. I am so happy that she is blessed by God abundantly, a very good testimony to all young ladies out there who also have struggle in searching and waiting for their partner!

Hope you can follow my story!!!! more on next!